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Eve Gage has been editing Emmy award-winning documentaries for over twenty years, for NOVA, NATURE, Discovery Channel, A&E, Turner Classic Movies, NBC and PBS.

She has edited numerous documentaries covering some of the most innovative and challenging subjects in science, history, natural history, culture, and the environment.

She has an Emmy nomination for editing "Bob Hope The First 90 Years" which received an Emmy Award and the two-hour NOVA "Galileo's Battle for the Heavens" won an Emmy Award.

Colleagues “Quotes”

“With "Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude" for WGBH/NOVA and BBC, Eve Gage succeeds triumphantly in combining the disparate elements of historical reconstructions, present day sailing scenes, technical analysis by experts and various graphical elements. Her editing is both pacey yet seamless: her judgment unfailingly a secure touchstone of the production team.”

     Peter Jones, Director "Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude" Chairman, Green Umbrella Limited

“Eve is a creative, dynamic editor who gets to the heart of a story giving it a beat and rhythm which can breath vigorous life into the most mundane of images. With great material she takes it places even the director never anticipated. Her energy, dedication and enthusiastic personality keep the cutting room in a positive mood even with the tightest of schedules.”

     Keenan Smart, Head of the Natural History Unit, National Geographic Television

“Eve Gage is a highly talented editor. She has a gift for creating surprising rhythms. Her films dance with the energy of the unexpected. She also embraces every film completely on an emotional level, which gives her both the stamina and insight necessary for extraordinary work, Eve's cut three films for me and I hope that is the beginning of a long collaboration.”

     John Rubin, Chairman, Lost Coast Films, Cambridge, MA, USA

“Eve Gage brought an enthusiastic curiosity to the editing of Longitude. She combined that with her technical command of the post production process, and the result was an outstanding piece of work.”

    David Axelrod, Producer "Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude"

Eve's Film Making Process

In the beginning – Eve views the footage with the director discussing the best ways to tell the story.

Curious – she asks the details of a scientific principle, an engineering concept, a person's speciality.

Creative – she edits, playfully contemplating the ideas, information, images: sketching the story.

Intuitive – she chooses the shots which evoke emotion.

Collaborative – she incorporates the good ideas suggested at screenings, recutting a scenic, reconsidering a sequence, strengthening the film.

Technical expertise – Eve supervises telecine, on-line, color correct, special effects, sound effects, narration record, music, mix to complete a perfect original edited master.

In the end – the picture emerges vibrant and powerful.

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