Television Series & Specials

NOVA "Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens"

Emmy AwardOutstanding Historical Program, Long Form

Galileo had 3 illegitimate children, his oldest, a nun whose 370 year old letters give us a new perspective on the life of Galileo.  Based on the best selling book by Dava Sobel.

Simon Callow as Galileo

Narrator: Liev Schreiber

Producer: David Axelrod

Director: Peter Jones

Executive Producer: Paula Apsell

WGBH/Boston     Two-hours airing on PBS and Channel 4, England     2003     Avid

NBC "Bob Hope: The First 90 Years" Three-hour tribute

Emmy Award - Outstanding Variety Special

Nominee - Emmy Award Editing

Producers: Don Mischer, Linda Reavely

Supervising Producer: Nancy Malone

Executive Producer: Linda Hope

Hope Enterprises Inc., Burbank, CA     1993     Video

NOVA "The Wright Brothers’ Flying Machine"

Nominee - Emmy Award

The Wright Experience Team delves into the legacy of the Wright Brothers to recreate an exact replica of the first mass produced airplane: The Model B Flyer.

Producer: David Axelrod

Executive Producer: Paula Apsell

WGBH Boston     PBS     2003     Avid

NOVA "Lost at Sea: The Search for Longitude"

Gold Medal - NY Festivals Award-Best Science and Technology Documentary 1999

Prix Leonardo - Best Science Documentary, Bologna, Italy 1999

Nominee - IDA Award - Best Single Episode in a Documentary Series 1999

Nominee - Writers Guild of America Award - Best Documentary Script 2000

Nominee - Telescience Award for the Popularization of Science, Montreal, Canada 2000

A Lone Genius, John Harrison, solves the problem of finding longitude at sea in the 1700's.

Based on the best selling book by Dava Sobel.

Patrick Malahide as John Harrison

Narrator: Richard Dreyfuss

Producer: David Axelrod

Director: Peter Jones

Executive Producers: Paula Apsell, WGBH Boston and John Lynch, BBC, England

Season premier one-hour for NOVA's 25th Anniversary broadcast on PBS and BBC     Avid

National Geographic Explorer "Yellowstone: Realm of the Coyote"

Nominee - Emmy Award

Nominee - Best Animal Behavior, Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival

Producers: John Rubin, Bob Landis

Senior Producer: Keenan Smart

Executive Producer: Michael Rosenfeld

National Geographic Television, Washington, DC     One-hour broadcast on TBS     1995     Film

Jean-Michel Cousteau Ocean Adventures Series "The Gray Whale Obstacle Course"

Experience the adventures of the majestic Gray Whales on their annual migration from Prince William Sound all the way to their calving grounds in Baja California. Shot in HD.

Narrator: Pierce Brosnan

Producer/Writer: Pamela Stacy

Executive Producer: Jean-Michel Cousteau

Ocean Futures, Santa Barbara, CA     One hour airing on KQED 2006     Final Cut Pro

National Geographic The Shape of Life Series

"Bones, Brawn & Brains"

New discoveries about the rise of the animal kingdom are explored.

Producer: David Clark

"The Conquerors"

Producers: David Clark, Chris Sondreal

Supervising Producer: Steve Bennett

Series Producer: David Elisco

Executive Producers: Mark Shelly, Nancy Burnett

Sea Studios Foundation, Monterey, CA     One-hour episodes airing on PBS 2002     Avid

National Geographic and Nature "The Noble Horse"

Horses of Mongolia, Spain and North America let us appreciate the timeless magic of the horse.

Narrator: Sally Kellerman

Producer: Gail Willumsen

Executive Producer: Fred Kaufman WNET New York

Executive Producers: Keenan Smart, Chris Webber

National Geographic Television, Washington, DC    One-hour broadcast on PBS     1999    Avid

Visit this rural village of proud former African slaves, who after 300 years are still living in the jungles of Colombia, South America.

Executive Producer: Frank Bedoya

Monterey, CA     90 minutes     2007     Final Cut Pro, HD

PBS "Wired Science"

Pilot episode segments resulting in the funding of the 11 program science magazine series.

Producer: David Axelrod

A co-production of Wired Magazine and KCET in Los Angeles     Airing on PBS     2007     Avid

PBS "Journey to the Philippines"

Explore some of the 7000 islands, meet the smiling friendly people, enjoy festivals and visit the zoo.

Producer: Peninsula Media Group

Monterey, CA     Half-hour program on PBS-KOCE, Orange County, CA     2006    Final Cut Pro

TCM "Without Lying Down"

The life of Frances Marion, the highest paid Hollywood screenwriter for two decades in the 1920s.

Narrator: Uma Thurman, Voice: Kathy Bates

Writer-Producer-Director: Bridget Terry

Writer: Cari Beauchamp

Producer: Bob Perry

Executive Producer: Carl Lindahl

Turner Classic Movies, Atlanta, GA     One-hour     2000     Avid

Intimate Strangers: Unseen Life on Earth Series "Creators of the Future"

We visit Zimbabwe, Chernobyl, North America to explore hi-tech biological solutions for our world.

Producer: Mark Ritts

Executive Producer: Peter Baker

Pasadena, CA     One-hour PBS     1999     Avid

A&E Mysteries of the Bible "Maccabees: Revolution and Redemption"

The beginnings of Chanukah the Festival of Lights.

Producer: Andy Rothstein

Supervising Producer: Lionel Friedberg

Series Producers: Tracy Benger, Susan Lutz

Executive Producer: Bram Roos

FilmRoos, Los Angeles, CA   One-hour     1997     Avid

Wild Discovery "Drive to Survive: Primates"

A close up view of nut crackin' chimps, nest buildin' orangutans, fartin' gorillas, and baby stealin' baboons.

Producer: Alex Adams

Executive Producer: Barry Clark, Telenova, Los Angeles, CA

Executive Producer: Tomi Bednar-Landis

Discovery Channel     One-hour     1997     Media 100

America's Scenic Rail Journeys Series "The Alaska Railroad"

A breathtaking Railroad adventure through America's last great frontier.

Narrator: James Coburn

Series Producer: David Oyster

Executive Producer: John Grant

Oregon Public Broadcasting and APS     One-hour broadcast on PBS     1997     Avid

PBSElement One"

Explores how the hydrogen fuel cell is revolutionizing the world's energy system.

Producer: Geoffrey Holland

Director: Michael Tobias

Coordinating Producer: Chris Sondreal

Executive Producer: William Hoagland

Hydrogen 2000, Studio City, CA     One-hour broadcast on PBS     1996     Avid

USA Network "Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills"

Kids' show airing four days a week on USA Network.

Executive Producers: Andy Heyward, Robby Landon, Jim Fisher, Jim Staahl, Brad Kreisberg

Directors: Adam Weissman, Mike Finny

DIC Entertainment, Burbank, CA    1994    Avid

Space Age Series "The Unexpected Universe"

Colliding galaxies, exploding stars reveal our violent and chaotic universe.

Host: Patrick Stewart

Producer: John Rubin

Series Producer: Ted Bogosian

Executive Producer: Gregory Andorfer

WQED/Pittsburgh & NHK/Japan in association with the National Academy of Sciences

One-hour program broadcast on PBS     1992     Video

The Infinite Voyage Series

"Insects: The Ruling Class"

"A Taste of Health"

"Sail On,Voyager!"

"Crisis in the Atmosphere

Series Producer: Linda Reavely

Executive Producers: Thomas Skinner, Gregory Andorfer

WQED/Pittsburgh & NHK/Japan in association with the National Academy of Sciences

One-hour programs broadcast on PBS     1989-1991     Film

Pilot "Africa in the Americas"

Producer: John Rubin

Producer: Gail Willumsen

Producer: Lionel Friedberg

Producer: Lionel Friedberg